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Split System Heat Pumps in Marion & Carbondale, IL

Split System Heat Pumps in Marion & Carbondale, IL

For homes without ductwork, a split system heat pump from Pass One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is the best option to heat multiple rooms at the same time. A split-system unit is cost-effective and energy-efficient. In addition to installing a new unit for your home in Southern Illinois, our certified technicians can repair and maintain the system throughout its life cycle.  

What is a Split System Heat Pump?

A split-system heat pump is one of the few available options for distributing warm air as well as cool air into different areas of a home. This ductless system uses an external and internal unit(s) to keep a home warm during cold days and cool during warm days. It provides the perfect solution for homeowners who desire a centralized heating and cooling system but have no ductwork.

A split system is energy-efficient because you can independently control the internal units connected to the single external unit, setting different temperatures in each room as desired.

How a Heat Pump Works

Unlike heaters and furnaces that generate their own heat, heat pumps simply warm air from the outside during cold days to keep a home comfortable. By reversing the process on hot days, a heat pump will keep your home cool when temperatures rise by absorbing the warm air inside your home and blowing it outside to cool your indoor environment, much like an air conditioner. With a split-system heat pump, the external unit blows the warm or cool air into the home via individual internal units that can be controlled separately in the areas where they are installed.

Count on Pass One Hour Heating & AC to Warm Your Home with a Split System Heat Pump

Installing a split-system heat pump is a great way to upgrade the energy-efficiency of your home. When you are ready to install a new system or need to have your existing unit repaired, Pass One Hour Heating & AC can help. Contact us online or give us a call at 618-266-8086 to learn more about our products and services.

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